Mima and Cello Music School offers professional and customized one-on one private classes in cello, piano and violin. Mima has achieved the best cello and piano teacher awards in Alberta for years. The teacher, Mima, has outstanding credentials including being a certified online music teacher, an international Master of Music Cello Performer, a Certified Advanced Specialist Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) teacher, and recipient of multiple Teacher Recognition Certificates for cello and piano.

Her students are recipients of gold medals, participants in RCM music exams, competition winners, university students completing a music degree, and performers publicly or online. Many students enjoy her music lessons just for fun and to share their love of music. Mima loves teaching students all ages and all music genres. Since Covid-19 started, none of her students lost a single class as the school switched to exclusive online learning.

Students showed outstanding results and Mima was awarded the recognition of the Golden Teacher for Alberta of the 2020 pandemic year. Students of Mima and Cello Music School are guaranteed to have the best private classes no matter if learning is in-person or online and regardless of your musical aspirations.

About Us

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You will have a private weekly one-on-one online live class with a real teacher ranked The Best Teacher in Canada and The Best Business in Canada!

Advanced Specialist Teacher and Certified Online teacher!

Three virtual classrooms, multiple cameras and professional microphone are used for exceptional results. Don’t worry, your kids already knows how to use them all. While on their electronics, let them learn to play a new instrument.

Our online learning is ranked the Best Business in Canada because our outstanding students results outranked all in-person lessons, private teachers and in person music studios.